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What can I bring in?

Bring your lawn chairs, blankets even tents for shade!  If you want to bring a picnic basket go ahead or enjoy great ballpark food like hot dogs and hamburgers, and more!   The only things you can’t bring in are alcoholic beverages and please no pets (except guide dogs).  If you smoke, please refrain from doing so around the crowds, players and children.

Do you guys really not wear gloves?

That’s correct!  Gloves were very unmanly and did not come in to base ball (two words) until the mid 1880s.  We’re playing by the rules and customs of 1864. For more detail on the rules of base ball, click here.  We also do not using catching equipment.  Only one ball is used the entire game as well!

Can we take pictures?

Absolutely!  Ask our players between games or even innings for a personalized picture or come right up to the edge of the field.  If you want to send us some that you took, we’d love to have them for publicity next year!  Feel free to use your video cameras too. (Just don’t set up in front of others or get in the way of that 1864 feel!)

Can I bring a drone in?

Sorry, we don’t allow drones on the grounds unless you have prior express written permission from the Festival.

This sounds fun, can I play today?

It is great fun, and we’d love to have you see what its like to catch a ball barehanded between games.  During games though, these are 16 of the finest most established clubs in the country so you probably can’t play during a game (unless they are short and need a hand!).  If you want to start a club, we’d be more than happy to help you get started.  If you are from Gettysburg, we really want to see you as we would love to have a standing team here in the future!

Aren’t you guys hot in the long wool uniforms?

One word- YES!

Are you handicapped accessible?

Well, the games take place in an open field so it kind of depends.  We have handicapped parking available and a handicapped toilet.

What if I have a question as to what I am seeing?

You can ask any player or festival official between games and even between innings.  There will also be players walking around during the action that will answer any and all questions you may have.  You are more than encouraged to ask any question!

Do these teams play other times during the year?

Absolutely.  Most of these clubs are some of the finest 19th century base ball clubs in the country.  They play from the beginning of April until November.  Alot of the clubs are from the Mid Atlantic Vintage Base Ball League, others are from New England, Ohio and Michigan.  Ask the players about their schedule and they’ll be happy to tell you all about it

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